Jain Eggless Almond Cookies (Crispy sticks)


1 tsp Dalda
1 tsp pure ghee
1 tsp powdered sugar
1 tsp icing sugar
1 tsp condensed milk
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup crushed almonds (badam)
50 gms plain flour (maida)


1) Mix the vanaspati, pure ghee, powdered sugar and icing sugar in a bowl till you have a smooth blend.
2) Add the condensed milk in the bowl and mix till the mixture becomes creamy and fluffy.
3) Add the baking powder and mix well.
4) Add the plain flour, mix well and knead to a smooth dough.
5) Keep the dough in a refrigerator for 4-5 minutes.
6) Place the dough on a plastic sheet and prepare arotithat is 1.5 cm thick.
7) Sprinkle almond powder over the roti and gently press it.
8) Cut the roti into small rectangle sticks (2. 5 in. X 0. 5 in) and place them on the greased backing tray.
9) Place the baking tray in the pre-heated oven for 20- 25 minutes or till sticks get golden brown from the bottom.
10) Take it out from oven and allow it to cool.

Contributed By : Ms. Megha Sharma